Goulburn Boys' Home

28 October - 5 December 2016 @ Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.  

Goulburn Boys’ Home

While living in Goulburn, I was drawn to the ecclesiastical giant laid bare on the top of a hill. Shadows, the light that played off broken glass and a sense of prescience compelled me to look for the traces of home that remain in a place left behind so long ago.

Each time I visited the foundling orphanage, it presented itself differently - showing off its grand staircase proudly in the morning sun and in contrast the primitive laundry and boiler room reminding us of six decades worth of winters illuminated through the tiny shards of light, surrounded by a profound sense of belonging among sturdy blue spruce trees.

Where vandalism competed for pride of place, I was compelled to look past the deterioration and have attempted to visually restore grace to the E.C Manfred-designed architecture through a series of images before the fire and since. I invite you to also look past the destruction and find the presence that remained in Goulburn Boys’ Home.  

Opening night

28 October 2016 @ Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.  

Opening night images courtesy Donna Bailey, Goulburn Post